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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

New mobile lunched April 2020 India | techno pluspro

new upcoming mobile in india 2020
mi not 10 pro
New mobile lunched April 2020 India  techno pluspro
New mobile lunched April 2020 India  techno pluspro

Hi friends my name is Azim May I will tell you the mobile phone coming in April 2020, whose operating system

Which takes to dual sim
Which has 1

I will talk about the Mi note 10 Pro,and redmi note first I will talk about its price, its price is 929. It is a smart phone, let's get more information about it.

Which is a very beautiful look, if you talk about its display, it is 157.8 mm x 74.2 mm x 9.6 mm and weighs 207 grams. Qualcomm snapdragon 730g.

Its escarine body ratio is 2340 pixels. Have on camera front 32 and rear camera is 108 + 5 + 12 + 20mp ultra wide with the camera can do 50 optical zoom with face focus

 can dedicate touch to focus battery capacity 5280 mah battery has connection future wifi oak gps volt

Xiaomi mi not 10 pto full 
I've got with me a phone that probably

doesn't need intro it's getting a lot of

hype because it's the world's first to

have a 108 and megapixel camera in it

this is of course shammies Meno 210 a

promising looking phone that has a build

that looks very similar to me

to say a quail wheat p30 Pro it's got a

5 times optical camera on the rear one

of five cameras in total 2 times optical

and ultra wide the main sensor a 2

megapixel macro sensor and a 32

megapixel front-facing camera so that's

a whole lot of megapixels all in one

phone with an AMOLED screen it's powered

by the Snapdragon 730 G so let's check

it out so this is what you'll find in

the box look at a 30 watt charger that

will charge this massive 5260 milliamp

hour battery in just one hour and five

minutes that is really really quick

we've got a TPU case as well so this has

a raised lip around it to protect the

camera lens and then you get a user

guide and a warranty card there as well

as a SIM tray tool the Meno 10 is 210

grams and it also is 9.8 millimeters

thick so it's a heavy phone and a thick

phone as well and almost 11 millimeters

if you count the camera bump so we've

got a six point four seven inch curved

AMOLED screen on the Meno 210 and the

chin at the bottom is actually a little

bit smaller as you can see here the mic

Huawei p30 pro which is on the left now

both of these phones look very very

similar and at the top we've both got

their water drop notch and 32 megapixel

cameras and the similarities to say a

huawei phone they don't stop there with

just the front display it also extends

out to where they have placed these

Xiaomi logo right here they're known

exactly where while we put sit where the

camera is and then of course the rear

curved screen with Gorilla Glass five

front and back and even as you'll see

here that the frame around the outside

is painted with a matte greyish almost

black color super similar to the Huawei

when you have a look at them really

really really similar designs squared

off top and bottom so

on the show me up top here we do have an

IR transmitter Seagram make the two

antenna lines and our volume buttons as

well in the exact same place as the

Huawei p30 Pro and then the bottom of

the phone type C port there so this

doesn't support vo out sadly I wish they

would do that even if it was just

display mirroring would be good and

we'll go three point five minute a

headphone jack the two antenna lines

there and a single loudspeaker so there

are no dual loudspeakers with this phone

the top bezel is very slim our earpiece

up the top is actually off centered a

little bit more to the left as you can

see and there's no status LED on the

smile whatsoever

now the subtrees middle reinforce it

takes just two now though since there is

a rubber gasket around there to help

keep out dust and water as well but

there's no official IP rating with this

phone so the build overall was excellent

this is right up there with safe

flagship phones and just like my p30 pro


Display full detail review

New mobile lunched April 2020 India  techno pluspro
New mobile lunched April 2020 India  techno pluspro

a top-quality build that they've

gone with here all glass so yes it's

very slippery and it's a little heavy

okay and the 212 grams or so so face

unlock you can see works well the

fingerprint reader they've moved it

actually up here a little bit but I've

got no problems tapping it I do find

that it seems to be a little bit slow at

times so just demonstrate that again

okay here it seems to be working all


but I do believe they could optimize

that further via soft she only thrown a

really good job of the display with this

one with the calibration you can see the

gamma is 2.2 almost 2.1 but it's pretty

much spot-on this is really good now I

wanted to keep it on the screen to point

this out you see with the curved edges

with this AMOLED panel that it does have

that problem okay the colors are going

to shift out you're getting the

shadowing on the edges you can see when

I move it slightly it will vary so when

you look at it that way you can't see it

now and you're just seeing it just on

the top now that's going to happen with

all these curved displays but I noticed

it's actually a little bit worse than my

Huawei P 30 Pro in that regard now with

the settings you get a lot of different

options as I will just show you right

now here with the display and this is

pretty much standard now dark modes on

there okay if you're into that you want

it it's good for eye strain of course

and it also saves battery you can

schedule it and then we've got our

typical scaling modes ticks

sighs reading mode as there is well so

very good display in this and the

maximum brightness I measured to be just

over 620 nets so on to the ROM

performance some benchmarks and little

tests I like to run so the performance

of this ROM I found is pretty good okay

that's now on me UI 11 for some reason

we don't have Android 10 out of the box

which I was half-expecting with the new

of course me why but not they've got

Android 9 here still so I hope you're

gonna see an update of that with recent

apps I've noticed that sometimes you

will see just some animations lagging a

little bit so obviously some

optimisation and tweaking is needed on

Shelby's behalf and that should be

coming through with some firmware

updates there task manager closing apps

doesn't seem too aggressive in fact to

me it seems better than me way 10

they've eased up a little bit and this

of course is to help with battery life

so that's why they close things you

sometimes have to reload apps so when

you go into for example gallery I've

noticed this is when you can sometimes

just see just loading apps up and

swapping in between we will notice those

noticeable just little lags there that

do pop up but overall the performance is

I think for what the chipset is is

acceptable it is good so just light up

Twitter here and show you Twitter

scrolling of course that needs to start

loading in all of those images and swipe

up there that animation was very smooth

smooth there but it's not consistent so

out of the box to get 112 gigabytes free

I'm on the latest version of me away 11

here and you do have some settings here

for the ambient display I want to just

to show you in case people were asking

about this our race to wake is there as

well of course and you get a lot of this

bloatware on first use you can see this

is all they had on there a lot a lot of

crap that they have installed here show

me in fact over one gigabyte worth of

below wearing crap so we don't need this

and we certainly do not lead need this

right here that is advertising in the

system apps that they have so they're

still at it show me I don't know why

they're doing this and I know people

will defend them in the comments and say

no that's because that's the only area

where the software team makes any profit

and to me

that's just rubbish okay other

manufacturers don't put heads in their

apps their system apps okay not good you

can see it right here it's in the app

it's in the middle of it no not good but

this is good this is great

wired vine liberal one suit

out-of-the-box so Amazon Prime video and

Netflix in Full HD and we've also got

camera2 api level 3 support again very

good so you look in the future for one

of those google cam reports just to get

perhaps bit of night mode shots and here's

our accuracy of GPS so around 4 meters

just like flagships it isn't a Joule

frequency GPS one no that's just

reserved for the snapdragon 855 855 plus

flagships out there they have that not

with Snapdragon 730 G so while the

speeds maximum speeds are going to look

at around 326 megabits per second over

the other side of the studio I'm still

getting good range and reception signal

strength as well with 4G I find is

perfectly fine good no issues and these

are the speeds here from orange which is

my carrier and I'm getting these kind of

speeds with my piece OD Pro so that's

all good so the storage here the hundred

and twenty eight gigabytes is relatively

fast I mean this is not UF it's three

speeds but we've got good random writes

and reads here so that's not gonna

bottleneck at all this phone and here is

the end to to score this is now version

eight to remember so the scores have

gone up a little bit you can clearly see

here that yes it's no stroke snapdragon

855 plus I think show me made an error

for the price that the cells here in

Europe five hundred and forty nine euros

it should have an 855 plus in it because

look at the competitors out there like

real me selling their phones for a

hundred and fifty euros less with the

855 plus so for loudspeakers we've just

got that single downwards firing speaker

that I showed you in the beginning of

this review and the sound output from it

isn't the loudest I've heard from a

single speaker but it is decent the

sound from it because it's got some bass

to it as well and you hear your

ringtones it's very down for that voice

calls sound good active noise

cancellation Bluetooth range is also

very good

3.5 minute headphone

Jack output is also great no real

complaints at all with it perhaps not

the best I've heard from Xiaomi but it's

typical Xiaomi it is very very good and

great to course have the three point

five minute headphone jack on this so

here's a sample of that loudspeaker at

107 voloom so for gaming performance I

find that this is Call of Duty that it

is actually really quite good because

this is the Snapdragon in the 730 and

the G means optimized e for gaming and

I've done a good job because this game

is running fluid and smooth on the high

settings as you can see you'll

occasionally see just a few little

stutters but overall performance is good

the same for pub G shadow gun legends as

well all those games out there on the

Play Store they're all gonna be playable

in the highest settings but some titles

like shadow gun legends I think you just

need to lower it down a little bit

perhaps just run it on medium now

battery life you'd expect because of the

super large capacitive battery that it'd

be really good ok so I'm seeing around

about 11% to 12% lost per hour with my

current use so I haven't been able to

make it through a full day without

plugging in them because I'm checking

out photo samples and video samples

which we'll take a look at now so just

want to quickly before I show the

samples show you the stock camera app

here so we've got a different lens as we

can swap over to so this one's the macro

that was the ultra wide this can be a

little bit slow at times and then the

108 megapixel sensor which by default is

taking 27 megapixel photos I've noticed

that the shutter rate and the shutter

lag we're getting is a little bit bad so

when you go into 108 megapixel mode and

take a photo which I'll just do now

quickly you'll see that I can't select

it yet because it's still processing

will take about five seconds and you do

see noticeable if you find a lag a lot

more than other phones so I do question

whether the snapdragons 730 was a good


because of such a high megapixel count

and the faster image processing unit

that w

Battery capacity 

e have on the step during an 855

plus I think would have been a little

bit more ideal there so portrait modes

our twelve

so shots and a night mode shot and pro mode

here to show you what settings we've got

you can choose which lens you want to

use ISO shutter rate your focus and the

white balance and then you've got also

this 108 megapixel mode as well that you

can use with the mi cc9 pro mode so overall

they are really quite a wide variety of

cameras here pretty much everything is

covered including that 2 megapixel macro

here are some samples some video samples

and then my final thoughts of this phone

at the end of this video



so this is our rear camera now once you

are shooting you cannot just swap over

to the ultra wide the two times or the

five times you need to select the one

you're going to use and then stick with


so we're go to electronic image

stabilization the quality are fine to be

not as sharp as it could be it's a

little soft so hopefully xiaomi mi note can

optimise this and the audio 96 kilobytes

per second i hope they can improve upon

that and this is now the ultra wide lens

you can shoot video on and it does have

a cost electronic image stabilization

you can see working does a good job now

it looks a little bit washed out this

camera it is definitely lacking details

with this lens and that normally happens

with a lot of the ultra ones when you

shoot a video we'll take a look now at

the two times in five times with video

so this is the two times and you can see

the quality not quite as good as i feel

that it could be considering this is

meant to be 4k the electronic image

stabilization however is good with this

one and at five times here you can see

that it's not wonderful quality at all

quite poor now this is a five megapixel

sensor and i don't actually know if this

is just digital zoom from the main

center because it almost looks like it

doesn't it I mean this quality is very

poor so I don't see myself using this

one for video so in typical Xiaomi

fashion here the front-facing camera is

just 1080p but that's not the issue the

issue here is there's no electronic

image stabilization with the

front-facing camera so if you wanted to

shoot vlogs you're gonna need a gimbal

this is now the super stabilization mode

1080 pin you'll notice that the exposure

here is really off we're getting a bit

of wind noise as well but it will slowly

adjust to the council building and the

clock on the top you'll be able to see

it now the time at least so I run up

these stairs you see that it's a lot

more steady then your typical electronic

image stabilization it does have a very

aggressive crop as a result alright guys 

you think of the photos okay I think it

does take a very good photo but there's

clearly some optimization still needed

in some areas especially with video okay

when you're using the ultra steady mode

the exposure is terrible it's over

exposing in some places and I just don't

think it's got correct optimization

there definitely not

really the audio quality in video 96

kilobytes per second that's getting old

very old come on show me updated your

competitors out there are now using 320

kilobytes per second audio that sounds

much better higher quality microphones

as well so they really need to improve

that the video quality itself

stabilization is excellent it's good but

it's not really that sharp they need to

improve the sharpness and perhaps its

crop that much and that's why we're not

you know getting a native 4k out of it

I find the five times camera to be very

disappointing at upscales to 8

megapixels but we're also getting very

poor video quality from it the ultra

wide video quality as well as a little


we cannot swap between cameras like

other manufacturers let us like Huawei

or Samsung speaking of Huawei this phone

does look just so similar to the p30 Pro

and I know manufacturers are all copying

each other but when you take a look at

the button location exactly the same

camera location exactly the same the

Xiaomi text on the back is exactly where

highways textures the port location

antenna lines exactly the same even the

buttons it's it's just almost like a

shameless clone there of it but ok we'll

just ignore that shall we everyone's

copying your own but the price too in

Europe 549 euros is steep for me

considering it doesn't have an 855 plus

they should have put that in there and punch hole

you've got the rheumatics 2 pro you've

got the oneplus 8 pro 70 that sell for cheaper

and they've got 90 Hertz screens ok so

there's a lot of options out there I

feel that Xiaomi is gonna have to drop

the price down especially in Europe if

they want this to sell well it's got a

really good bill to it a very nice

screen the gamma is perfect spot on 2.2

now the stuttering that I see commonly

in show meas me away 10 especially with

full screen gestures it's better it's

improved but I can't go as far to say

sadly that it's perfect noise now and

then I see some animations they just

look a little bit leggy to me now I know

that you can go and developer settings

you can reduce the animation times to

make it faster but I always review out

of the box we're talking average Joes

out of the box okay your mother for

example is not going to go into Android

developer options not at all there so it

is a very good phone the battery life

looks ok not quite as good as I expected prices

but I'll give you some updates on that upcoming smartphones and 

upcoming mobile phone launches in india

later on I'm losing about 11 to 12


I'm standby battery drained so when I

wasn't using it walking around and I

just had it on in my pocket it seemed to

lose more than expected there so I think

optimizations clearly needed this is a

new phone and show me are well known now

at least for me to push out I feel

rushed software how is definitely they

love the build of this the build quality

is really good

very versatile cameras just give us some

optimization in there show me and this

could be a real winner when you lower

that price down it's just over priced in

Europe so thank you so much for read

this review I hope you did like it if

you new please do subscribe and

notifications give the reading I like his

wealth and I hope to catch you in the

next one read you then

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