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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Realme X50 Pro 5G Review Price in India-Specification

Realme X50 Pro 5G Review Price in India-Specification
Realme X50 Pro 5G Review Price in India-Specification

Realme X50 Pro 5G price so just last week I reviewed the oneplus

it a clever we Price 56,195.88 5g smartphone

Boston the Snapdragon 865 soc chipset full

5g connectivity a slick 90 Hertz display

and plenty of premium tech and then

following that for these past few days

I've had the real meet X 50 Pro stuff to

my genes which is another price 56,195.88

blower packin the Snapdragon 805 at its

T but a 5g those 90 Hertz visuals and

The Realme X50 Pro 5G Plan to Realme X50 Pro 5G

enough slick tech to give any gadget

found some seriously dank drawers now

I'm already a big fan of roomies more

budget-friendly handsets the likes the

real me 6 and 6 port which cost around

that sort of turned it a 28,097.94 price rs 44,999

point the question is can really hack it

premium flagship killer tech well I've got my

sim stuffed inside the

 real me X 50 Pro

and here is my full in-depth review and

from on the latest greatest tech please

do poke subscribe and ding that

notifications belt Jose now while the

real me X 50 pro sports a six point four

four inch display which sounds almost

compact by today's ridiculous standards

this is still a big hefty slab of a


unfortunately the screen doesn't cover

on the edges majestically like it does

on the likes of the oneplus its

smartphones saw the really X 50 pro is a

Realme X50 Pro 5G Review Price in India-Specification

really X 50 pro Specification,Comparison

bit of a wide boil thankfully obviously

nothing approaching iPhone standards the

overall design is definitely a bit been

there done that but it's not offensive

and you've got a choice of two colors

either this rather nice small screen or

this lovely roast red finish both

featuring a matte glass design this

means the greasy Princeton Chuck to

easily at all on the real meat X 50 pros

ass ends that's great news if you want

to text your besties while munching down

on a late night can perhaps special and

no worries if the X 50 slips out of your

oily meaty grasp either because both

this review model and my original

pre-production handset I've taken a fair

few tumbles you know what they are

absolute units that Gorilla Glass 5

plinth front and back has kept them in

perfect condition and you also get a

pre-installed screen protector to keep

up a mighty display at scratch free as

well and the protector itself is all

banged up but the actual of the split

stuff is still in perfect nick and

there's no proper full-on water

resistance or anything here on the real

me x50 pro but it's been absolutely fine

with a wee bit of moisture no worries if

you get splashed in the spliff

fingerprint sensor also works a charm

backed by respectable enough face unlock

you can send it to work only when the

eyes are detected although it does

struggle a bit in low-light and I've

certainly been enjoying that 6.44

Super AMOLED display as well which

stands tall against rivals around this

same sort of price point running through

the standard checklist the real me x50

Paul basically ticks all of those

metaphorical boxes

it's your Templar support yeah hits

plenty of nits on that top brightness

for a squint free outdoor experience

yeah no worries at all but in ninety

Hertz refresh rate options that

everything looks smoother than an

Octopus and octa core taking a bath in KY jelly done

and done

and if you want you can even leave at

the real me X 50 Pro to pick it's on

refresh rate dynamically based on

whatever you're up to at the time in

order to preserve a bit of battery life

when it's not necessary to have that

many Hertz running colors are on the

cool and poppy side by default but

that's with basically every phone out

there you can fiddle about with the

output in the settings to suit what

you're watching and your own particular

tests that Full HD plus resolution keeps

everything perfectly sharp you have to

watch to key content side by side with a

quad HD handset to notice any real

difference as you'll see in my full

comparison with the oneplus April and

oppose fine next to pro I can see some

people taken against that massive double

selfie camera however which forms a

sizable splat here in the top and left corner you

have the option to mask that pinhole

camera from view when you're using quite

a lot of apps but not all of them so

they're likes of Netflix YouTube for

instance you've got no control over that

at all so as you'll see when you go

fullscreen unfortunately it does kind of

intrude on the action but nowhere near

as bad as like some stupid big fat

mustache notches on the likes of the

iPhones little stereo speakers are

impressively clear and punchy on top

Volume  so you can enjoy a podcast show

or whatever you want without headphones

even in a really noisy room no real

speaker setup is great for a bit of game

in action on the likes of pubsey mobile

as well so you can tell where those

sneaky gets her creep and I'll point you

from definitely good stuff on the

software from the real me x50 pro of

course runs Android 10 with the fresh

new real new UI launched in india shoved on top

this is basically color OS with a few

little tweaks here and there often

pretty much the exact same features in

general layout you've got all the great

Android 10 stuff in there like that dark

mode plus a few bonus bits like a very

helpful one-handed feature which is

actually quick and easy to activate

even with those gesture navigations

enabled like color OS the real new UI

settings menu is a bit of a steer top

you do have to deftly troll through in

order to find certain features at time

some stuff is really buried away in

there but

or I'm gonna do you fine for a full

in-depth real me UI tips and tricks'

going to show you some of my favorite

features some of the best bits that

hidden away and there so stay tuned for

that stuffed inside of this hefty slab

you also got the super premium

snapdragon 865 platform backed by up to

12 gigs of DDR 5 RAM and u FS 2.0 super

fast storage to boot so I probably won't

be massively shocked in anybody while I

say that the performance is really

rather bloody goods pop G mobile

unfortunately topped off at the ultra

frame rates of 40 FPS but it's stuck

there dependably with no dips and you

have the nifty game space tools to block

notifications and record your mad skills

and so on and so on the only thing I

really noticed was that the ring on the

X 50 post display wasn't the most

responsive despite that suppose at 180

Hertz touch feedback

I sometimes struggled with fast turnin

and fire and wild movement at the same

time and what we are eventually allowed

to set for outside our homes again the

good news is the real me X 50 Pro spots

could be a 5g support for gaming on the

go and there's got a Wi-Fi 6 action in

there as well now originally I was

admittedly a little bit worried that the

four thousand two hundred million

battery might struggle compared to some

bigger rivals but thankfully I never had

to plug in the real meet X 50 pro before

slipping into my jimmy jams although I

admittedly once I bumped up that screen

text I was on ninety Hertz full time I

did a good bit of media streaming a bit

a game and I did comes Fink to clinch

any close to running the real me X 50

dry in a single did just mail it's a

bedtime just certainly no complaints for

that bonkers fast super dot charging

however it's 65 watts they'll basically

almost fill up the real new X 50 pro in

just over half an hour a little bit of

trickle charge action towards that final

hundred percent but certainly half an

hour at the Charlotte do you the full

gear pretty much every time so let's

finish up with a look at that quad cameras lens

camera comprising a 64 megapixel primary camera

snapper a 12 megapixel telephoto lens nd

at megapixel ultra wide angle lens and

finally a depth sensor for your portrait

shots I thought the camera was basically

all care for everyday action of all my

tests for is often lacked an natural

finish especially those taken indoors

where everything looks bizarrely

rendered you've got an AI mode which

tweaks the sentence for more hyper real

results for instance boosting those hues

when shooting plant life although I also

found this stripped away some of the

detail at times and can be a bit over

the top if you want a high-res image

packed with plenty of detail and nor is

that all you can just swap to the dead

it's 64 mega pixel mods as long as

lighting conditions are good you will

get wonderfully crisp results although

you'll only really notice the difference

when you view on a really big screen you

also have the added bonus that two times

optical zoom and this can give you a

sharper image when you shoot at the

distance great news when you're trying

to snap your Pitt or in this case your

kids soft sorry although it is not a

patch compared with rival telephoto

lenses from the likes of Huawei the it's

to your smarts of the real me x50 pro

are respectable I thought it once again

faltered on occasion with strong light

produce and quite soft results the

low-light chops aren't grid either be at

least have a decent night mod to deal

with that when you need to sir no real

worries if you want have a bit of a

tweak and a fiddle yourself than the

good news is you've got a dedicated Pro

mods on here as well so you can play

around like so the white balance the

auto focus the ISO levels all of that

you can use the full complement of

lenses including that ultra wide-angle

lens by somehow weirdly gone up there

and you've got a good bit rawrr support

as well and figure of all movies again

the real me x50 poor does an alright job

with video but it does definitely again

falter compared to some rivals you

should have to fork your resolution

video but not at 60fps it tops off a

30fps flat Ultra HD and also you can use

the ultra wide-angle lens when you're

shooting at 4k video for an ultra wide

perspective you'll need to drop video

down to Full HD which is a bit soft but

it's fine for capturing shareable clips

but at 14 you can seamlessly flip

between the min and the telephoto lenses

with sharp

poppy results audio pickup is clear the

focus deals well in decent light and

only HDR smart into bad either they are

beaten by the 1+8 so up to the selfie

setup and you've got a choice of that 32 mp

 main camera or an 8mp ultra wide angle

shooter if you want to

get snap of you and your mates or in

these self isolating times maybe just a

Punch hole of extra plants and stuff

maybe doing a bit of login then you can

shoot up to full HD resolution video

using at that front-facing camera setup

 as well though unfortunately there's

no way of actually changing between the

two lenses while you're shooting you

have to swap to the other lens and then

resume shooting but the audio pickup is

apps they find at the results up you

know they're alright and that's what I

think of the real me X 50 Pro after

using it as my full-time law so as you

can see a respectable rival to the likes

of the 1 plus E but I've gorgeous 90

hurts to split you certainly got it in

the performance a front cameras that's for damn

sure likes the 5g support the y5 6 so

it's definitely bang up to date

to show that the camera tech didn't

impress quite as much as the one plus it

that's what I think what do you guys

think I Phoebe grittier thoughts please

do bung them in the comments below and

put subscribe doing that notifications

about and have yourselves a lovely week

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